6 Inch White Bone Wrapped Chicken Breast

Two-in-one dog chew and treat can satisfy your dog’s chewing desires while it indulges in the scrumptious taste and wholesome meat nutrition. Beef & Chicken 6 Inch Meat Filled White Bone will keep your dog active even at dull hours of the day.
Each bone i

$16.50 $9.99

Product Description

Limited time offer!
• 6” Savory Treat and Dog Chew in One
• All-natural White Femur Bone with Chicken Brest Filling
• 100% Real Chicken Breast Filling
• Long Lasting Dog Bone

*** Irradiation Free ***

Each bone is individually shrink-wrapped.

Delightful in looks and taste.

Made by Preen Pets in the USA.

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