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12″ Regular Bully Sticks all-natural

Starting at: $56.59

Twelve-inch Regular Bully Sticks are nutritious, 100% beef treats and tasty alternatives to dog chews for puppies and small dogs.

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  • All-Natural USA Farm Ingredients
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee Your Pet Will Love
  • Hormone-Free
  • Slow Oven Baked
  • USA Fresh Beef

Product Description

Key Features:

• 12” long Regular Bully Sticks made of 100% Beef

• Thinner than Thick Bully Sticks

• Perfect Chew Size for Puppies or Small Dogs

• All-natural, Preservative-free, Additive-free dog treat

• Free of Hormones and Steroids

• High in Protein and Low in Fat

• USDA approved

• Great Alternative to Dog Chews

Twelve-inch Regular Bully Sticks are all-natural dog treats made of 100% beef and perfectly suitable to puppies and small dogs. A twelve-inch stick can keep dogs chewing for hours, satisfying their earnest desire to chomp and chew. Plus the strong flavors locked from end to end can make the chewing experience even more pleasurable.

Regular Bully Stick’s size is just right for your little pooch’s chew. Inappropriate thickness, either thinner or thicker than their chew size, will turn dogs off. Your dog may chew bully sticks of the wrong size for some time and then find other things more suitable in size for its chew. Getting the right size will fire up its chewing desire while chewing, on another note, will keep its teeth healthy and free of tartar and plaque.

Bully sticks are all-natural, low in fat, and high in protein dog treats. As it’s made of 100% beef, a stick is nourishing unlike other artificial treats. Bully Sticks are vet-inspected, USDA approved. Although the sticks are moderately tough and chewy in texture, they are guaranteed digestible even to puppies and small dogs.

Twelve-inch Regular Bully Sticks can be purchased online with ease and shipped right to your doorstep. Purchases at a minimum amount of $29.99 are shipped at no cost (offer is for a limited time only).


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