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4″ Regular Bully Sticks

Starting at: $29.15 Starting at: $19.00

Four-inch Regular Bully Stick is totally a must-have dog treat. The rich all-natural beefy flavor, brimming nutrients, and significantly reduced fat.

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Product Description

Key Features:

• 4” long Regular Bully Sticks made of 100% Beef

• Perfect Chew Size for Puppies and Small Dogs

• All-natural, Preservative-free, Additive-free dog treat

• Free of Hormones and Steroids

• High in Protein and Low in Fat

• USDA approved

• Great Alternative to Dog Chews

If you’re regularly training your dog, then there has to be a pack of Four-inch Regular Bully Sticks in store. Bully Sticks come in different sizes and if you’re looking for a treat that would suit puppies or small dogs’ chewing size, Four-inch Regular Bully Sticks are just the perfect pick.

Such treats are a bit thinner than Thick bully sticks and are cut into shorter pieces that suitably match small pooches’ chew size. Bully sticks are 100% beef naturally preserved along with its flavor and aroma. As dogs love its smell, they immediately put up their training posture even at the slightest sniff, but when sticks are not the right size, they will play, chew, and gnaw at them for a few minutes and then opt for the leg of your dear furniture.

All-natural dog treats are USDA approved. Every stick is loaded with quality protein, while fat content is maintained at a low level. Even packed with nutrients, bully sticks are easy to digest even to delicate puppies and small dogs. No harmful chemicals were used to preserve the treat, as each stick is guaranteed free of additives, preservatives, steroids, and hormones.

Furthermore, Regular bully sticks are a great alternative to dog chews. Other chews contain chemicals that are harmful to dogs, especially your delicate pooch. Four-inch bully sticks are safe, tasty, packed with nutrients, and are chewy, with a texture resembling that of a dog chew. While dogs innately have the urge to chew and gnaw on things like remote controls, slippers, and precious antique legs, bully sticks can satisfy that urge. Regular Bully Sticks can even help in maintaining your dog’s healthy teeth and gums.

Four-inch Regular Bully Sticks can be purchased online with ease and shipped right to your doorstep. Purchases at a minimum amount of $29.99 are shipped at no cost (offer is for a limited time only).


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