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5″ Steer Bully Sticks Sale Ends 4/20/2017

Starting at: $27.80

5″ Steer Bully Sticks.
Free Range Best Quality, Great chewing size for puppies small dogs or Medium-size dog.

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Product Description

b>Key Features:

• 5” Steer Bully Sticks for puppies small dogs or Medium-size dog.

• Made of 100% Bull Pizzel

• Safe, approved by USDA

• All-natural, Additive-free, Preservative-free

• High in Protein, Low in Fat

• Healthy Alternative to Dog Chews

Steer Bully Sticks, six inch in size are dog treats suitable for puppies or small dogs. Made of bull Pizzle, bully sticks are delectable rewards for your small pooch, packed with high quality protein and low in fat content. The product is safe and healthy, approved by USDA and recommended by veterinarians.

Often processed to make dog chews and treats, bull pizzle is famous for its rich protein content. In fact, every steer bully stick is roughly about 80% protein. A six-inch stick can nourish and fill up a hungry dog and the treat’s scrummy flavor can satiate its cravings for flavorful treats.

Moreover, it’s a treat recommended as an integral part of a dog’s diet. Protein equips dogs with enough energy for their daily activities while contributing in the repair of damaged tissues and maintenance of dogs’ tiptop shape.

Steer Bully Sticks are chewy in texture making the treat a great alternative to dog chews. There’s no need to buy chews that may contain harmful chemicals as bully sticks are all-natural, flavorful treats that can nourish the body and pep up the chewing action. Full palatable flavors keep dogs chewing for hours while the appropriate thickness makes the treat last even an entire day.

Chewing can also improve and maintain dogs’ oral hygiene. Chewing of steer bully sticks massages the gums and scrapes off tartar and plaque from the teeth. So even when they’re free to lie back after their training, stimulate their mind and body and keep their gums and teeth healthy through giving them the best chews they’ll gnaw and chomp for the rest of the afternoon.

5″ Steer Bully Sticks can be purchased online with ease and shipped right to your doorstep. Purchases at a minimum amount of $29.99 are shipped at no cost (offer is for a limited time only).


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