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Beef Twist – Preen Pets U.S.A. Sweet Potato & Beef Sale Ends 4/20/2017

Starting at: $19.99

Beef Twist on Sweet Potato is a healthy and flavorful treat in a combination of veggie and Beef meat. Packed with nutrients like iron, potassium, vitamins A, C, and E high in protein with low fat content, it’s nutritious and delicious!
Made by Preen Pets in the U.S.A.

Ingredients:  Extra Lean Beef, Sweet Potato.

Choose A Size:

  • All-Natural USA Farm Ingredients
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee Your Pet Will Love
  • Hormone-Free
  • Slow Oven Baked
  • USA Fresh Beef

Product Description

Key Features:

• 3” to 6” Wholesome Treat

• Sweet Potato Sticks in Dried Extra Lean Beef Furls

• Made of 100% Beef and Sweet Potatoes

• Perfect size for Small to Large Dogs

• All-natural, Preservative-free, Additives free, Wheat free, Hormones free, Steroids free.

• High in Protein and Low in Fat

• No Fillers

• A Treat for a Dog’s Diet

Guaranteed Analysis:

• Protein: 45.20%
• Moisture: 10.52%
• Fat: 5.68%
• Ash: 5.06%
• Fiber: 3.10%
• Total Carbohydrates: 33.54g/100g
• Calories: 51 Calories/25g 2-3 Beef Twist

• Calcium: .12%

• Salt: 1.48%

A tasty, satisfying treat need not to be expensive. Sweet potato sticks in furls of the finest Beef meat are naturally preserved to lock in the flavor, aroma, and the wholesome nutrients.

Beef strips wrapped around the sweet potatoes in French fries cut are 100% Beef bursting with enticing aroma and flavor. Rich in protein and B vitamins, the treat is the best pair for your dog’s intensive training due to its significant role in the growth and repair of muscle tissues and the production of energy in the body.

Vitamin B from Beef can further reinforce the bones, boost the immune system, and greatly improve your dog’s overall body condition. The conversion of nutrients into energy is vital. Protein and B vitamins all contribute to the process and the abundant supply of such nutrients in the body keep dogs fueled up during training.

Sweet potatoes, on another note, upgrade the treat into a solid snack for small and even big dogs. Such veggie is rich in complex carbohydrate that is known for being the best source of energy with only a low fat content. It’s also packed with a whole gamut of nutrients such as protein, iron, potassium, calcium, and vitamins A, B, C, and E. Thus it’s more than just a typical veggie, but considered as a super food for humans and dogs alike.

High in protein and low in fat, Sweet Potato Beef Twist is a USDA approved dog treat. Every piece maintains the standard measure of crude protein at a 20% minimum content, crude fat at a 3% maximum, fiber at a .2% maximum, and moisture at a 16% maximum content. Thus it makes a wonderful treat or snack.

Sweet Potato Beef Twist can be purchased online with ease and shipped right to your doorstep.

Made by Preen Pets in the U.S.A.

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