4″ Thin Bully Sticks

4-inch Thin Bully Sticks are all-natural, 100% beef dog treats made for very small puppies. Thick beef flavors are sealed within pencil-thin bully sticks without use of harmful chemicals to keep treats safe, healthy, and tasty.


Starting at: $23.37

Key Features:

• 4” long Bully Sticks made of 100% Beef

• Perfect size for Very Small Puppies

• All-natural, Preservatives-free, Additives-free dog treat

• Free of Hormones and Steroids

• High in Protein and Low in Fat

• USDA and FDA approved

• Great Alternative to Dog Chews

4-inch Thin Bully Sticks are 100% beef dog treats in perfect chew size for very small puppies that are just experiencing teeth development. Beef sticks are as thin as pencils, just the right size for puppies to awaken their innate desire to chew.

Albeit thin, the thick beef flavors burst out upon every chew and gnaw on the stick. Thin Bully Sticks are naturally preserved to attain the chewy texture and to seal in all the real beef flavors. No preservatives and additives are included in the process, and Bully sticks are free of steroids and hormones as well, to keep every inch of the treat safe and in compliance with FDA and USDA requirements.

Thus, Thin Bully Sticks are vet recommended dog treats. The product is safe and healthy featuring high quality protein and low fat content. It’s the best aid in nurturing a tiny puppy that needs a protein boost in the process of developing strong legs and body. Bully stick dog treats may be thin, but the high protein content can keep it going the entire day.

Dog Bully Sticks are easy to digest even to small puppies. Although packed with nutrients from real beef, it’s guaranteed that your little pooch won’t have digestive problems after chewing bully sticks for hours. The chewing action also includes massaging your puppy’s gums and relieving the pangs of its growing teeth,and when the teeth have grown, chewing bully sticks can help keep them clean and free from tartar and plaque. You’ll be saving a great deal without needing to buy a dog chew anymore and without needing to frequently pay a visit to the vet.

Six-inch Thin Bully Sticks can be purchased online with ease and shipped right to your doorstep. Purchases at a minimum amount of $39.99 are shipped at no cost (offer is for a limited time only).

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