***sold out***Wild Sky – Salmon Jerky Treats for Dogs 4oz

Wild Sky Salmon Jerky Treats for Dogs are your pet’s ultimate “super food.” With a whole range of nutrients ranging from vitamins A, B, D, E to omega 3 fatty acids and protein, salmon treat is an all-in-one dog treat, light snack, and nutritional source your dog will ever need.


Key Features:

• Bite Size Fish Treats

• 4 ounce in a Pack

• Made with Real Alaska Wild Salmon and wholesome ingredients

• Rich in Vitamin A, B, D, E and Omega 3 Fatty Acids

• High in Protein and Extremely Low in Fat

• Low in Calories

• All-natural, Preservative-free, Additive-free

• Made in U.S.A.

• A Treat for a Dog’s Diet

• Crude Protein Min. 45%

• Crude Fat Max. 3%

• Fiber Max. 0.1%

• Moisture Max. 22%

• Ingredients: Alaska Wild Salmon, Organic Brown Rice Flour, Cultured Dextrose, Sea Salt, Sodium Lactate from Beets, Mixed Tocopherols, Ascorbic Acid
Rosemary Extract, Natural Hardwood Smoke

Salmon is not only a delightful goody for humans, but is a “super food” and ironically a light, pleasurable treat for dogs. Wildsky Salmon Jerky Treats are dog treats made of 97% Alaska Wild Salmon, organic brown rice flour, sea salt, rosemary extract and other natural, healthy ingredients.

Wildsky Salmon Jerky Treats are gourmet delights of healthily nurtured dogs. Abundant in vitamin A, B, D, and E, dogs that regularly receive a treat or snack of salmon jerky will gradually acquire better eyesight, skin, and hair, reinforced bones and immune system, and certainly a healthier body.

Salmon Jerky’s high levels of omega 3 spoil the heart and keep it fit and healthy. The very low fat content, on the other hand, keeps heart diseases away. Proper growth and repair of cells can also be credited to omega 3, as well as the increase of good cholesterol level in the body that prevents clogging of blood passageways.

Moreover, the high protein content of the dog fish treat, working in tandem with omega 3, can quicken the growth of muscle tissues and the repair of damaged ones. Giving your dog a couple of salmon treats during its training also maintains its energy supply filled to the brim.

The rich nutritional content is complemented by the strict observance of salmon jerky standards. Every piece of jerky has a minimum crude protein content of 45%, maximum crude fat content of 3%, maximum fiber content of .1%, and maximum moisture content of 22%.

Salmon Jerky treats for dogs underwent a natural preservation process without use of preservatives and additives. Thus, weakening, aging body and diseases caused by artificial coloring and flavoring can be prevented.

Wildsky – Salmon Jerky Treats for Dogs can be purchased online with ease and shipped right to your doorstep. Purchases at a minimum amount of $29.99 are shipped at no cost (offer is for a limited time only).2

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