At Preen Pets, we focus on making the highest quality dog treats possible. At our human-grade kitchen facility in Eldred, Pennsylvania, we produce dog treats from the best USA sourced ingredients.

High Quality Nutrition For Your Dog

We’re committed to using only Grade A whole ingredients from USA farms, like chicken breast, sirloin beef, and fresh sweet potato. We never use any fillers, additives or preservatives.

We make dog treats because we love dogs. That’s why we refuse to compromise their health with any low-quality ingredients or unnecessary synthetic additives. Our farm fresh whole ingredients provide your dog with maximum health and nutritional benefits – protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Our Mission: Happy, Healthy Dogs

Many dog owners don’t have access to high quality treats at their local markets, and preparing dog treats at home can be difficult and time-consuming. Our mission is to make homemade, healthy dog treats available to all dogs owners so they can conveniently provide their dogs with the nourishment they need. That’s why we deliver our treats straight to your doggy-door.

How Preen Pets Got Started

The Preen Pets story began in 2007. It all started when founder, Ron Albeg, first heard about recalls from low-quality dog treats that were harming dogs who ate them. Ron loved his dog Scruffy, a mini schnauzer, and wanted to make sure he wasn’t feeding him anything potentially harmful.

Ron’s concern led him to start checking the ingredients in the treats he was buying for his dog at stores. He realized many treat producers were using cheap ingredients from foreign countries. To his surprise, he learned even the ones that were labeled “USA-sourced” were still loading their treats with low-quality, processed ingredients. After further research, he realized most producers were actually using cheap low-grade meats and fillers but their packaging made it seem like they were using quality ingredients. After finding this out, Ron loved his dog too much to continue compromising on the treats he fed him. He searched stores for high quality treats but couldn’t find a reliable producer.

Dog Treats From Our Kitchen To Your Home

Since Ron couldn’t find dog treats that met his quality standards, he began making his own. In his home kitchen, he started slow-baking ingredients like chicken breast, sirloin beef, and sweet potatoes because they’re packed with nutrients. After a few trials, he hit on a recipe that was both nourishing and delicious (he knows because he tried them himself!).

When he saw how much his dog loved them, he started sharing them with friends and family. His friends and family love the treats so much they started encouraging him to start making them professionally. At that point, it became clear to Ron that he should start a company through which he could share his high-quality dog treats with dogs all over the United States.

After starting in his kitchen over ten years ago, today, Ron and his team of chefs and cooks now make dog treats in a USDA human-grade kitchen facility in Pennsylvania. They currently produce over 40 varieties of natural dog treats, from beef and chicken to duck and wild salmon.

Our Ingredients ss
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Vegetables

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