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All Natural Dog Treats Made in the USA

Our all natural dog treats are made right here in the USA. This means that you know what you’re getting: wholesome dog treats free from any hazardous substances or preservatives. All of our dog treats are truly all natural. None of our treats are processed nor contain any additives that dilute the real thing. The chicken in our chicken jerky and all other chicken products is fresh, all natural, steroid free, U.S. farm raised chicken that contains no fillers. Our beef also follows suit—100% pure, lean, U.S. farm raised beef. We also offer an unprocessed great alternative to chicken and beef: Seafood.

Our Salmon treats are made with U.S. grade wild-caught salmon containing no dies, preservatives, nitrates, or anything artificial. And for our vegetarian canines, our sweet potato treats are chock-full of beta-carotene and other disease fighting antioxidants that will help get your dog healthy and thriving. We’re sincerely proud to offer these all-natural and chemical-free treats to the pets that make us happy everyday—they deserve it.

The Best Bully Sticks for Dogs

Again, we take no shortcuts with these bully sticks for dogs. Our all-natural foot-long bully sticks are made with 100% USDA and FDA approved beef that contain zero hormones, preservatives, steroids or any additives. They are the optimal snack for the medium and large dog that loves relishing in all-natural chewy goodness.

Beyond being a healthy snack, these dog bully sticks are edible toys. They can serve as chewy toys for your teething pup—better a bully stick than our hands. They also will keep your dog busy long for enough for your well needed interludes and leisure time, meaning peace and quiet at the drop of a stick. These bully sticks will not only allow you to have time to unwind, but it will also allow your dog to mellow out and de-stress. Just like us, dogs need pastimes that channel frustration and pent-up energy into something positive. Think of the bully stick as therapy for your dog.

Whether its a teething pup, an adult dog that needs to mellow out, or you just want to reward your precious pet with a delicious and fun snack, these bully sticks are just the thing.

Delicious Chicken Treats for Your Dog

We think our dogs deserve treats that are the real thing. That is why our chicken jerky dog treats are made with U.S human consumption grade chicken breast. These chicken jerky treats for dogs are packed with lean protein (98% fat free) and don’t contain any fillers to make it seem like there’s more chicken than there is, nor do they contain any hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or any unnatural substance of any kind. So, you know what you’re feeding your dog—100% all natural chicken jerky. Pure and simple.

Eating foods that are free of these unnecessary chemicals and saturated fats leads to a healthier, happier, and more loving pet. By committing to your dog’s well-being, you are putting your dog on the path to life extension. We all want to live longer. Our dogs do too.

These Preen Pet chicken jerky treats are not only nutritious, but also are delicious. They are slow-oven baked to bring out that natural chicken flavor. They will have your dog licking his or her lips at the sound of the bag opening. Only the good stuff for our loving companions.

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