Patriotic Pooches: Preen Pets Fourth of July Sale!

While you’re buying Fourth of July treats for the rest of your family, don’t forget to buy some treats for your dog, too!

One of the most patriotic things we can do to celebrate Independence Day is to be aware of where we spend our money and choose to support US businesses.

At Preen Pets, we’re super proud that all of our treats and dog food are made right here at home with only American products. All of the ingredients in our natural dog treats are sourced directly from US farms. We get our turkey, beef, pork, chicken and veggies fresh from Mountaire Farms in Delaware and Tyson Fresh Meats in South Dakota.

Each treat is then hand-made in our human-grade facility in Eldred, Pennsylvania. Unlike other companies, who take advantage of the flexibility in the FTC’s “all or virtually all,” policy for “Made in the USA” labels, we take pride in the fact that our treats are actually 100% USA made.

On Wednesday, as you enjoy classic treats like hot dogs and apple pie, don’t forget to let your furry friends in on the celebration! In honor of Independence Day, we’re having a sale so your pooches can be as patriotic as you this 4th.