10 Tips for Dog Owners from Preen Pets

At Preen Pets, dogs are kinda our thing. We love everything about dogs, that’s why we make our all natural dog food and treats with the best, locally sourced ingredients that promote your pup’s health and happiness. Of course, having a dog isn’t just about feeding it.

Dog owners must take the time to train their dog daily, even if it’s for a few minutes a day. Training doesn’t have to be arduous; in fact, the more enjoyable your training sessions are, the more likely your dog will stick to it!

Here are our 10 best tips for dog owners to create a happy, harmonious home:

#1 – Stay Consistent

When it comes to training your dog, the most important thing is consistency. Dogs thrive with boundaries and routines, so your consistency in training will help prevent confusion and ensuing anxiety.

#2 – Encourage Slow Eating

Eating too fast is bad for your dog’s digestion. Unfortunately, most pups love their food so much they can hardly control themselves from gobbling it down as quick as possible. To help encourage slower eating habits, feed them with a food dispensing toy. Not only will this prevent symptoms from rapid eating, it will also stimulate their mind by forcing them to use their problem solving skills at meal time. Another great hack for slowing food consumption is placing a couple tennis balls in their dish so they have to work around them to find the kibble.

#3 – Invest in a Harness

Walking your dog is important for their exercise needs as well as bonding between the two of you. To make walking more comfortable and manageable on your end, invest in a front clip harness to connect to the leash. These harnesses prevent tugging and neck strain while also encouraging healthy walking habits.

#4 – Switch Up Rewards

Just like humans, dogs can get bored. Change out the type of treats and toys you give to your dog as a reward. Changing it up will keep their attention so they retain more of their training. Preen Pets has an impressive variety of dog treats that will surely keep your pup’s eye on the prize.

#5 – Provide Chewing Alternatives

Dogs love to gnaw– sometimes at the expense of your furniture or shoes. To keep your dog from destroying your things around the home, treat him to bully sticks or chews to gnaw on instead. Preen Pets’ bully sticks are made from grass-fed beef and contain no bleach or harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about what your dog chews. Preen pets dog chews are also a great option, made 100% natural ingredients.

#6 – Build a Digging Box

If your dog  loves to dig, but you can’t stand the site of holes in your lawn or garden, there is a solution. Building them a digging box gives your pup a place to scratch the earth on their own terms without ruining all the hard work you put into your yard.

#7 – Improve Recall

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your dog run off without any regard for you calling their name. To improve recall and keep your pup safe, always heap on treats and praise whenever your dog responds to their name and comes back. The more consistent you are with positive reinforcement, the better their recall will be. Keep a stash of bite-sized treats like Preen Pets’ chicken breast jerky bites next to their leash and harness so you never find yourself without a reward.

#8 – Avoid Giving Table Scraps

It can be tempting to treat your dog with your leftovers, but doing so will lead to them learning to beg and waiting for their prize as you eat. Instead of table scraps, give your dog healthy treats to show them your love without reinforcing negative behaviors. Plus, the adding oils, herbs, and spices you enjoy on your food have the potential to disrupt their digestion.

Treats like Preen Pets chicken jerky are made with human-quality meat, but specifically formulated for dogs. They are a high protein, low-fat treat that is easy on their digestion while still tasting great.

#9 – Stimulate The Mind

Your dog needs mental exercise as much as physical! Simple brain teasers like this muffin tin treat game works your pup’s brain to help ease and prevent anxiety. Try Preen Pets’ chicken and sweet potato cookies for a crunchy treat that fits perfectly in a tin.

 #10 – Play Indoors

Is the weather too nasty to go for a walk? Playing with toys indoors is a good way to expel pent up energy while allowing you time to bond with your dog. Gather up all their favorite toys and toss them around the room. Encourage your pup to herd them all back to one spot for a more complex take on fetch. When playing, be sure not to take away a toy or bone without replacing it with something equally as fun, else you risk encouraging aggressive behavior.

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