Dog Treats: Don’t Compromise on Your Dog

We all love giving our dogs treats. Their eyes light up, their posture perks up, and their tails go wagging with excitement. Allowing our dogs to have some savory or sweet variety makes both of us very happy. But, what if the treats you’ve been giving your dog have been causing more harm than good? So many dog treats today have added preservatives, chemicals, and things in them that would have most people shaking their heads.

Preen Pets: A better approach to dog treats

On the bright side, we’ve decided that giving our pets empty calories and un-natural mutant combinations is a thing of the past. We believe in giving dogs only highly nutritious, all natural, real food. Offering dog treats exclusively made from wholesome ingredients including, USDA boneless chicken breasts, USDA beef, sweet potatoes, rolled oats, and other health-giving ingredients is something we are surely proud of. This is real human food we’re talking about being baked in ovens by real caring people. When you look at the back of our packaging, you won’t be seeing a paragraph of ingredients. Our motto is keep it simple, keep it healthy.

Here’s a couple of reasons why giving your dog quality wholesome treats is something no dog owner can afford to compromise on:

What’s more important than health?

Tocopherols, Sodium Metabisulfite, BHT, Red 40, Blue 1 are all examples of ingredients in the most popular treats available today. The list goes on and on. Most people are unaware of the health effects of these kinds of unnatural chemicals. Common sense says that these chemicals are no way beneficial to your dog’s health. And, it’s true. In fact, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program identifies BHT as a cancer-causing agent. Instead of negatively impacting your dog’s health, how about helping it? Preen Pets’ treats have no such chemicals. They are healthy, nutritious, and are truly treats!

They’re tastier and dogs prefer them

Some dogs will give you all the attention of the world regardless of the type of treat you are holding. But, that’s usually the minority. Most dogs actually need to smell the treat before they decide that they want it. Wholesome dog treats, made from real food, will get your dog more excited than an otherwise synthetic product. Preen Pets treats are especially great for those picky dogs, who only eat the good stuff. No more wasting money on treats that Buddy won’t eat.

Made in the USA with care

Again, many treats say “distributed in the USA”, but don’t specifically say made in the USA from USDA grade protein and ingredients. Treats made in other countries have much lower standards, and are more likely to have combined proteins from all different areas. All of our Preen Pets products are grown and made in the USA. Not only are you supporting ‘American Made’, but you are also receiving a product with the highest standards.

Grabbing the first dog treat box you see on the shelf may be a mistake. It is incredibly important to know where those ingredients came from, who made them, and what they will do to your pet’s health. We’re dog lovers, and we know what our dogs are crying out for—the real stuff.

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