What’s in Your Dog’s Food? You May Not Like the Answer…

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do to ensure the happiness and health of your dog, but the truth is the food you are serving might not be good for them. Many dog food brands contain tainted meat, questionable additives, and other cheap ingredients that don’t meet their nutritional needs. Proper nutrition helps your dog live longer with a better quality of life.

Most store bought dog food brands include ingredients that are not good for your dog. Dogs are supposed to be carnivores with some omnivorous tendencies. Their digestive systems are not built to break down certain grains and additives pet food companies add to their feed. Additionally, regulations in the United States are lax enough for manufacturers to use low quality– dangerous, even– ingredients. When it comes to picking out your dog’s food, check the label and make sure none of these ingredients are in there.

Meat Meal

Meal is one of the most common ingredients found in dog food. Meat meal is cheap and made from the worst parts of the animal. It’s so processed you don’t even know what you’re getting. Regulations in the United States are very limited on this, your dog could be eating diseased, spoilt, and carcinogenic protein.

Yes, your dog needs to eat meat. However, if your dog’s food says “meal” on the ingredients list, you are getting the most questionable kind available. Look for dog foods that identify the kind of meat it uses. Deboned chicken, deboned turkey, wild caught salmon, beef, lamb, and bison are all keywords to watch for when picking out a quality dog food.

Corn Syrup & Other Sweeteners

Manufacturers add corn syrup to your dog’s food to make it tasty for cheap. Dogs like sweet things just as much as we do; on the other hand, sweet things can make dogs fat and lazy just like us, too. When dogs get a taste for sugar they become addicted, only wanting more junk food over the stuff that’s good for them (sound familiar?). Consuming sweeteners of any kind puts your dog at risk for weight gain, obesity, and diabetes. Only buy dog food sans sweeteners– if the meat used is high quality, the food shouldn’t need flavor enhancement.


BHA and BHT are chemical preservatives commonly used in all types of food. While the two chemicals help processed food last longer, they are also possible carcinogens. Fortunately, man high quality dog foods avoid using BHA and BHT and instead opt for more natural preservatives including ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and mixed tocopherols (vitamin E). Look for foods with those ingredients over BHA/BHT to be safe.

Artificial Colors

There is no reason your dog’s food should contain artificial colors… they can’t even see most of them! Manufacturers put artificial colors in dog food to make it more fun and whimsical for humans, but the whimsy comes at a cost. Artificial colors are linked to hyperactivity, cancer, and can even cause allergic reactions. If you see “artificial colors” on a bag of dog food, go ahead and skip it.

MSG & Salt

Just like it does for human food, salt adds a lot of flavor to your dog’s meal. Like in human food, your dog doesn’t need it either. While we do need sodium in our diets, we never need the excessive amounts added in processed food. Manufacturers add MSG and salt to dog food for the same reasons they add sugar (see above) and dogs can easily become addicted to it. Both salt and MSG are linked to hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke. Additionally, for dogs too much salt can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, seizures, fever, and depression.

So what should I feed my dog eat?

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While other dog foods roast the nutrients out of their food, Preen Pets Whole Ingredient dog food is slowly baked at 170F. This more time consuming method locks in the nutritional values of the whole ingredients. It’s the perfect balance between convenient and wholesome, just what you and your dog need for the best nourishment.

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